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If you are a registered Holydemia instructor, you may create courses as you please. All of your courses will be saved as drafts. If you would like to launch a course to the public you must send us an approval request. You can send us the request by clicking the option that corresponds to the drop down menu attached to each course on the Courses page.
In order to guarantee to our students that the content of our courses will be at least a certain quantity, we have established some requirements that all instructors must fulfill in their courses in order to send us the approval request of one of their courses.

These requirements are detailed as follows:

  • In the form used to create a new course, all of the fields must be filled in. The main image of the course or introductory video, name, etc. This information is needed to ensure that the student can learn properly.
  • The instructor's profile must be completed; profile image, description, etc. Helps to have a good introduction to the students.
  • The course you wish to launch must be comprised of a minimum of 2 modules.
  • Each course module must be made up of at least 3 lessons.
  • The course must be at least 90 minutes long.
  • The course cannot teach about religions other than the Catholic faith.
These requirements apply to all Holydemia instructors, without exception.
At Holydemia, not only the content is important but also how the content is presented. As a result, our team has written some standards that all of your lessons must meet. By following these simple guidelines you help us to offer the students quality courses that are well presented.

  • The videos used in the course may not contain a watermark.
  • The lessons cannot be copied from another website, document, or media. The content must be original to the instructor.
  • The audio quality should be high, and free of background noise or anything else that might distract the student's attention.
  • A lesson should be between 3 and 15 minutes long. Remember that Holydemia is focused on offering microlearning courses.
  • Videos may not have opening or closing animations as seen in many YouTube videos. The lesson must begin immediately.
  • The minimum video quality is 720p. The ideal quality is 1080p.
  • The content of the lessons cannot be disrespectful to any individual person, group of people, or to any Church institution. Nor are insults or cursing allowed.
  • All lessons must comply with the Doctrine of the Church.
The time it takes to create a course varies depending on how long the course is, as well as how much time the instructor decides to invest. The estimated time it takes other instructors is approximately 30 days.
Our team will promote the courses we consider to be beneficial on social media. The promotion of a course does not depend on the instructor doing anything in particular, but rather is up to our discretion. By promoting certain courses we are always striving for our students to take advantage of learning a wide variety of topics.
Using our platform, you can create up to 3 discount codes per course that will serve as a marketing strategy for your courses. Create a limited time offer that will lower the cost of your course. Use your social media so that your special offer can reach more people.
You can teach your course in English or Spanish. If you decide to create a course in one of these languages, make sure that the written and spoken language in the course is the same as the language in which you decide to launch it.
Yes. Using our platform you can enter your tracking ID into general Settings and Holydemia will offer your Google Analytics account all of the information about your courses and instructor's profile. This tool will help you to process the information and make intelligent decisions about how to promote your courses.


In the courses that require a payment, in general you will receive 70% of the total price of the course per enrolled student. The remaining 30% will be Holydemia's commission. This distribution applies to whatever price is established.

If you are an instructor that already has a large social media presence, these percentages may be negotiable.
The billing of the instructor will close on the 5th day of every month (including that day) and their payment will be made on the 21st day of the month, or the next closest business day if the 21st falls on a holiday in Madrid (Spain), and once the period for the students to request a refund has passed.
The instructors will be paid using PayPal. Holydemia does not charge a commission to send the money, but it is possible that the bank or PayPal may charge their own commission, and in this case the cost will be assumed by the instructor.
You can do it easily from the payment Settings. By clicking the PayPal button you will link your account. Make sure you are already logged in to PayPal in another tab of your web browser. This is done so that Holydemia can make sure that the PayPal account entered is really yours.
If you are a Spanish instructor you are required to charge VAT for your courses. The VAT is directly added to the price, so please take this into account when establishing your courses.

If you are a Spanish instructor, we are obligated to issue you an invoice that includes VAT.
When we enter your monthly earnings, PayPal charges us a commission. According to the contract of Rights and Obligations of the Instructor, you assume this commission.
The student legally has the right to request a refund of the amount they have previously paid.

At Holydemia, each student can request a refund within 15 days of purchase as long as they meet the requirements established in our Terms and Conditions of Use.

If a student meets the requirements, we will proceed to refund the entire amount to their PayPal account. That amount will be automatically subtracted from your earnings and you will be notified by e-mail.


Do you still have doubts?

Contact us and we will help you in any way we can. Please be patient, as it may take up to 3 working days for us to respond to your request.